TransSpoof Issue 9

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Riding high off the personal artistic success I felt over issue 8, as well as having the momentum of a satisfying storyline that needed concluding, I encouraged Nick to go nuts with the script for Issue 9 and make it as long as he wanted. We had the events of “Transformers: The Movie” to incorporate into our story, and since “TFTM” is a favorite of mine, I wanted to do it justice. Three years ago Nick turned in a 30-page draft that while funny, drags in places. I started laying out the first scene, we got distracted by The 1980s Special, and as of this writing, the script is still in need of serious revision. We have tentative plans to publish this issue and wrap up the whole TransSpoof saga, but no timetable.

TransSpoof Issue 9 (currently unscheduled)

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