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Book Update #22: Winter 2011

posted 25 February 2011
In December and January I interviewed four key creatives from the DIC seasons of G.I. Joe, greatly adding to what will be Chapters 10 and 11. Editor Nick has delivered his comments on Draft 1 of Chapter 9, so now it's time to dive back in. I also had lunch with author Amid Amidi, who offered helpful advice on pitches and publishers.

G.I. Joe "Tim Finn"

New Art

posted 25 February 2011
Excepting tiny demos for my students each January, I haven't drawn any observational figures from a live model since 2007. Until last night. I'll add these to the long-neglected Portfolio section later, but for now, here's two highlights. In college I did this twice a week.

Somerville art "Tim Finn"

"Hotcakes" Opening @ Bloc 11 This Sunday

posted 06 December 2010
Come by and see original comic book art, handmade plush super-heroes, prints, and spare part animal sculptures. Our art show (which has been up for weeks) has its formal opening party at Bloc 11 in Union Square, Somerville this Sunday from 5pm to 7pm. At left: Ann, Joe, Maris, and Evan.

Somerville "bloc 11" art "Tim Finn"

Book Update #21: Fall '10/Photoshoot #9

posted 06 December 2010
Between teaching a new comics class, SPX, NYCC, More Squares, MICE, Ottawa, and Halloween, and a computer crash book time has been hurting, so Chapter 9 is about where it was in August. But last Friday Andre shot some copy work of art too big to scan, and we arranged an action figure set-up (at right) to replace a boring catalog scan in Chapter 7.

G.I. Joe "Tim Finn"

CYMoKay @ the IMDB

posted 06 December 2010
I've consolidated all the different imdb listings of "Tim Finn" (minus the kiwi rocker) into one, so at last I have a proper presence there. CYMoKay has an entry, too. And a stream.



Art Show Hanging @ Bloc 11

posted 06 December 2010
Four years later and it's time for another cafe art show. Last month Maris Wicks, Joe Quinones, Ann P. Smith, Evan Larson and I hung Hotcakes at Bloc 11 cafe in Union Square, Somerville, MA. Liz Prince is also in the show, but was unable to make the hanging. Our opening is Sunday 12 December 5pm-7pm. Photos in EVENTS soon.

Hotcakes "Bloc 11"

Festival News: CYMoKay @ Ottawa

posted 06 December 2010
CYMoKay screened with OIAF's International Showcase #2 three times. The first, at the Empire Cinemas atop the Rideau Center mall, was three-quarters full. I skipped the second, a free screening for teens at the National Gallery. And the third played to a packed Bytowne Cinema, my students cheering when my name was called. It felt great to finally have a film in the festival after attending for 12 years.


Compilation DVD!

posted 18 October 2010
updated 06 December 2010
Five years late, but just in time to promote CYMoKay at Ottawa, at last I've made a DVD: Inanimate: Six Films By Tim Finn! Watch Limboscape, Animation News on the March (aka "The Ottawa documentary"), It Is What It Is, the Liz 2006 birthday card, Letterpress, and CYMoKay without the internet! Only $3 plus shipping.

Inanimate Tim Finn animation

New Comic For Sale!

posted 14 October 2010
As a follow-up to our split minicomic Four Squares, Liz, Maris, Joe and I just finished More Squares, our daily autobio comics for February 2010. See our live cross paths as we eat food, watch movies, go to work, and complain away the winter. We debuted the book at MICE, which was great. And it's for sale here.

More Squares

Profiled in Local Mag

posted 14 October 2010
If you live in Somerville, Massachusetts, as I do, then you may be familiar with the Somerville Scout, a quarterly magazine mailed to all residents. The newest issue has an article by Lorie Reilly on the comics scene in our fair city, and features Liz, Maris, Joe, and myself. I don't think the article is online, but if you're at my house you can look through my copy. At right is Maris and Liz's cover.

Somerville Scout

Festival News: CYMoKay @ Ottawa

posted 04 August 2010
My new film has been accepted into the International Panorama at the 2010 Ottawa International Animation Festival. This will be my 12th year attending OIAF, so I'm psyched to have a film play there. I should probably burn some DVDs to hand out there in October.

Tim Finn OIAF

Book Update #20: Summer '10

posted 04 August 2010
Designer Liz is working on Chapter 8. I finally know what Chapter 9 is about. I'm trying to track someone down to interview for Chapter 10.

Tim Finn "GI Joe"

Site News: 5 old films debut @ Inanimate

posted 04 August 2010
Friend Adam Swaab was kind enough to tell me how to post fast streaming Quicktimes in Dreamweaver, so you can now watch my college junior film, my senior thesis, at last a streaming clip of this summer camp film and a birthday card I made for a friend, and more. Right here on this very site.

Tim Finn Circus 34

Festival News: CYMoKay @ ANIMATOR

posted 27 May 2010
My new film has been accepted into the ANIMATOR Festival in Poland. If you're in Poznan this July, go check it out.

Tim Finn animation

Book Update #20: Spring '10

posted 27 May 2010
Chapter 7 proceeds at a glacial speed. I'm aiming for a photoshoot in June, and will attack Chapters 9 and 10 this summer. Editor Nick and I did attend the annual G.I. Joe Collector's Convention in Providence, RI last month, and had a great time, but it was more about window shopping than networking. Nick at last met designer Liz and photographer Andre, and saw Gladworks' space.

Tim Finn Joe convention

Archive Report: VHS Reclamation 2010

posted 27 May 2010
I've been making movies since 4th grade, and all the footage originates on VHS. For years I've been meaning to transfer it all to miniDV and then onto my hard drive, and now the process has started. Sad news: Electrons eventually lose their charge and Cross Country '99 is only half salvageable (see right). Good news: Machine Gun Man is pristine and saved for posterity.

Tim Finn animation

CYMoKay debuts here @ Inanimate

updated 22 April 2010
Watch my new film via YouTube right here. In the meantime, I'll try to get a proper 720 x 480 stream native to Inanimate.

Tim Finn CYMoKay

Comic Book Workshops 2010

posted 12 April 2010
The NEA's The Big Read is back in full swing, and in March Nick Nadel and I journeyed to Tennessee for three workshops on graphic novels and Edgar Allen Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher. Almost 50 attendees came to the Giles County Public Library, Martin Methodist College, and the Maury County Public Library for our 2-hour slideshow/demo/activity. Photos in EVENTS later this week.

Tim Finn comics workshops

My New Film @ the Coolidge

posted 06 December 2009
A new annual film festival debuts this Thursday at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA: the Cormack Cook Colossal Cinema Collection. I've got a 1-minute animated film in the show, plus I provide the voice of the villain in Alex Cormack's "South Pole," the centerpiece of the evening. Admission is free, and the program starts at 7pm.

Tim Finn animation

Book Update #19: Thanksgiving '09

posted 22 November 2009
Chapters 2-5 are done. Designer Liz is moving things around in Chapters 6 and 8. Editor Nick is reading the second draft of Chapter 7. I'm trying to interview people for Chapters 9 and 10. At right, a Russ Heath G.I. Joe: The Movie design that didn't make the cut for Chapter 8.

Tim Finn gi joe

Hosting Duties: Animation Workshop

posted 22 November 2009
Yesterday I hosted a screening of films, talked animation, and answered questions for an audience of 30 at the Belmont Studio Cinema, a lovely one-screen movie theatre near where I live. The event was organized by Belmont World Cinema. I showed two films by Karen Aqua and two of my own, It Is What It Is and Letterpress. Pictured is the theatre about 50 years before I showed up.

Belmont World Cinema Animation

Visiting Artist Talk at Monsterrat

posted 22 November 2009
In October I visited the Character Design classes of two friends, Joe Quinones and Evan Larson, who teach at Monsterrat College of Art, showed my work (both still and moving), and talked character design. I also showed Ernest Pintoff's 1957 animated short Flebus. Photo at right by Joe.

Tim Finn Monsterrat

Book Update #18: End of Summer '09

posted 22 September 2009
Editor Nick is taking his Really-final pass on the text of Chapter 8, while designer Liz is done laying out Chapter 5, but waiting on two more images from me. She's also close to finishing Chapter 6. Once editor Dad takes a look at Chapter 8, I should be able to get that to Liz as well, and I need to get back to writing Chapter 7, which I psyched myself out of over the summer.

Tim Finn gi joe

Indirect Press: Comics Alliance

posted 12 August 2009
With The Rise of Cobra in theatres now, online columnist Nick Nadel wrote a funny piece called "The Most Ridiculous Moments In 'G.I. Joe' History" for Comics Alliance. I helped him with research and image gathering.

Tim Finn gi joe

Book Update #17: Photoshoot #8

posted 07 August 2009
Back to Glad Works for some basic "catalog"-style shots of those G.I. Joe models I borrowed last week. Click the thumbnail at right to see.

Tim Finn gi joe

Book Update #16: Photoshoots #6 & #7

posted 06 August 2009
Yesterday photographer Andre and I set up three shots in-studio, one a re-do for Chapter 3, one missing photo from Chapter 2, and a sweet shot of Snake-Eyes version 2. I also left some Real American Hero artwork of unmade '92 figures too big for my scanner that Andre's shooting today. Click the thumbnail at right to see.

Tim Finn gi joe

Book Update #15: Summer '09

posted 01 August 2009
Editor Nick has taken a final pass on Chapter 8 (we're skipping 7 for now while I still work on it), and Editor Dad has taken his pass on Chapter 6, while I figure out what Chapter 9 is all about. Yesterday I drove to a toy designer's house to borrow some 1980s G.I. Joe vehicle mock-ups. More on Thursday...

Tim Finn gi joe

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